Choose To Listen - (Why Spotify is Successful, Reasons to Quit Social Media, etc...)

Savvy Saturdays (10/2/21)

Savvy Idea: Choosing when to speak, and when to listen, can prove effective to your impact and care for others.

Many times, it feels easy to hand out advice to other people, or give them our own insight.

But sometimes, it may be as effective to lean in, listen, and ask questions.

I was listening to a friend share recently, and felt the impulse to give my two cents of advice to them, but as they shared, I noticed that they were in a place where they had a lot on their mind, and needed someone to help sort the chaos in their mind.

And when I’m in a place like that, I need less information, and someone to help and process.

With that, I decided to ask them questions instead of giving into my impulse to share.

Though handing out advice would’ve been easier, asking questions had a deeper impact on them, and gave them greater takeaways.

I find that the times it feels good to speak up are actually best times to withhold, listen, and ask question.

Questions to ponder: 🤔

  • When is a time when you felt you needed help processing rather than advice?

  • Was there a time when a family, friend, or coworker needed you to help them process and listen, rather than hear advice?


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Weekly Collections

A collection of resources for you to enjoy… 📰 🎬 🎙️

Spotify - Why They’re Successful

Recently I got into watching “Company Man”, and I love how the man gives an overview of different companies in business and marketing of well-known companies.

This was a recent video I watched about how Spotify is successful.

20 Reasons To Quit Social Media

Was reading this article on why to quit social media, and I enjoyed several of the points they had to make!

Weekly Tidbits

Learnings, verses, & quotes to chew on… 🧐

Verse of the Week

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous,
but the Lord delivers him out of them all.”

—Psalm 34:19 ESV

Challenging Quote

The more a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those that speak it.

—George Orwell

Weekly Update

Personal life stuff… 🔔

Hello friends,

Greetings from Austin! 👋 Let’s jump right in!

This past week has been crazy, juggling responsibilities with ministry, work, and career. I had a moment of sadness last weekend as I wrestled with emotions of being overwhelmed, and over time, was able to experience a bit of peace.

I’ve made a lot of calls to ask for help from friends and mentors on advice, and I’m very grateful to have people who can listen, ask questions, give both unbiased and opinionated advice on how I should take action in many areas of my life.

All that aside, there’s not too many updates to share (as it’s been a heads-down week), so here are several pictures from this past week: 📷

Thanks for checking in!

With that, stay safe 😷, keep it savvy 😎, and I’ll see y’all in the next update 😊


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