Delegate, Don't Tinker

Savvy Saturdays (8/21/21)

Savvy Idea: Rather than doing everything yourself, when you learn to delegate, you’re able to focus and get things done, rather than get stuck tinkering through the process.

As I’m trying to flesh out my podcast, I’m learning that there’s only so many things I can do with my time.

Podcasting has so many layers to flesh out, such as the audio quality, video editing (if I upload to Youtube), how to book guests, what softwares to use, and how to build out website and marketing channels to promote it.

I find myself having to fight against “Shiny Object Syndrome”, which is the tendency to get into the rabbit hole of new things without evaluating their benefit.

I recognize that though it can be fun to go in the rabbit hole, in order to get things done and be effective with my time, I need to delegate.

Rather than:

  • doing all the graphic design

  • figuring out all the audio editing

  • or fleshing out the social media posts myself


  • hiring an expert to create them assets

  • asking for advice from people who’ve edited audio before

  • or analyzing the social media forms people have created already

I don’t have to get lost in the process of tinkering and figuring things out.

Instead, I can focus on what is really important—getting things done!

By learning to delegate, you can free up time that would’ve been used to work on things that are not enjoyable or important, and focus on what you actually enjoy and see as important.

Questions to ponder: 🤔

  • What is a habit, project, or process that you’re trying to build out?

  • What can you delegate so you won’t tinker and focus on what needs to be done?


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Weekly Collections

A collection of resources for you to enjoy… 📰 🎬 🎙️

Selling from Scratch

Been reading one of my entrepreneur friend’s book. It’s interesting being able to hear insight on a different side of selling that’s more relational focused and helping others. Highly recommend check it out!

Weekly Tidbits

Learnings, verses, & quotes to chew on… 🧐

Verse of the Week

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

—Psalm 73:26

Challenging Quote

“Enough is as good as a feast.”

—Mary Poppins

Weekly Update

Personal life stuff… 🔔

Hello friends,

Greetings from Austin! 👋 Let’s jump right in!

This past week has been quite hectic.

Getting ready for Campus Missions Week, which is our church’s college outreach week at UT Austin, and executing training and events has been tiring but good! Lots of growth all around in faith and leadership, and even as people are challenged, I can see a lot of seeds sown that will produce fruit not only in character for all of us but also in being able to meet a lot of cool people and invite them out to church!

Amidst the craziness of ministry, I’ve been able to talk to an expert productivity flow coach, who helped me flesh out a lot of my podcast workflow! (displayed below)

Additionally, a friend let me borrow his blue yeti, so my online experience for others has upgraded a notch, and I’m excited to use it for the podcast!

Anyways, here are several pictures from this past week: 📷

Thanks for checking in!

With that, stay safe 😷, keep it savvy 😎, and I’ll see y’all in the next update 😊


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