Welcome to Savvy Saturdays

Hey there, Eric here! 😊

Dallas-born, Plano Suburb child with Taiwanese roots 🇹🇼, I have lived in Texas all my life, graduated from UT Austin (🤘'19), and currently, work as a Software Engineer @ RetailMeNot.

I love to learn, am constantly challenged to grow in my Christian faith, and aspire to be real in everything I do.

I’ve built many web things, failed three startups (two of them in the food & service industry), and constantly planning out more ventures to work on.

You can browse more about me on my personal website.

Savvy Saturdays’ Backstory

I consume a lot of content and love to share my findings with others. Whether it’s inspiring articles, deep analytical books, compelling stories, (or even hilarious memes), I find my learnings have been timely for others.

Many newsletters I followed that impacted my life shared in a similar way I did (except in a scaled manner).

Inspired, I decided to create my own.

“Savvy Saturdays” is my weekly newsletter where every Saturday, I share a deep dive into a savvy concept or topic, a curated collection of insightful fun resources, and tidbits of verses & quotes to chew on.

If you want to learn, grow, and be inspired to be savvier each week, feel free to sign up for the newsletter below! It’s free, and if you ever feel it to be unnecessary or too noisy, you can always unsubscribe.

Newsletter Inspiration

I found David Perell’s newsletter, Monday Musings, during my college career, and was inspired by all the resources he shared. After more than a year of subscribing to him, as well as other newsletters like:

I decided to start my own newsletter.

Favorite Writers

  • David Perell has a phenomenal blog and content creation pipeline through Twitter, his newsletter, and blog

  • Paul Graham has amazing essays

Feel free to DM me on Twitter @ericjmlee on anything interesting, suggestions, or want to connect.

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Christian | Entrepreneur | Programmer | Musician | Blogger | UT Austin CS Alumni ('19) | Software Engineer @RetailMeNot